About Us

Blackbird Fly was a concept originally dreamt up by Angelina & John Pata as a way to market Angelina’s jewelry. Although the idea changed shape over the course of about 4 years it still remained nothing more than a possibility. As time passed and priorities changed it was clear that dreams were never going to become reality unless they rolled up their sleeves and made them happen. So on one miserably cold Cleveland winter day they decided to do just that…and haven’t looked back since.

Determined to create the first successful boutique in Ohio City to offer a full line of women’s apparel, shoes and accessories, Blackbird Fly Boutique opened it’s doors in September of 2014. Angelina & John want to be more than successful small business owners they want to support other local small business owners. They have committed to this idea by offering 50% American made. Furthermore, they will offer goods by local artisans as well as designer brands.

the owner's
Owner’s Angelina and John